Professional Tuckpointing Services

Our goai is to make sure your tuckpointing repair will never look like a repair or patched section.

Tuckpointing Services

Masonry products that are continuously exposed to the elements in the state of Illinois are commonly in need of tuck pointing service to repair the damage. Dangers such as acids in the rain, foundation movement, building settlement, freezing and thawing cycles, and dirt all take their toll.

When you see that the mortar joints are cracking or otherwise deteriorated, tuckpointing is an effective way to stop nature from making things worse and extend the life of the masonry. When properly done, tuckpointing provides a strong, waterproof mortar joint that matches the appearance of the original mortar joints and brings the masonry to a new-like appearance.

Tuckpointing Badges

Aside from quality craftsmanship we offer superior tuck pointing and techniques on all our works.

Our excellent brick and stone tuckpointing restorations serve the Chicago Metro Area area well as nearby cities. We cover all types of buildings such as residential masonry wall construction, commercial brick wall installment and repair loose or cracked brick mortar.